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How to Get the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

An expert guide to getting the job you want, doing what you want, at a company you want to work for.

Developed by executive recruiter Tom Johnston, sharing his 30+ years of experience to help others.

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I know the information in this course works and will help you find the right position for you much faster than you would otherwise… saving you thousands of dollars and dozens of hours you would otherwise waste on techniques that do not work. That is why I want to make this a complete no brainer for you. You can invest in the course now, try it out for 30 days, and if for any reason you think it is not for you… just email us at [[email protected]] and we will refund every penny.

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Traditional Job Search Advice Does Not Work

I know this because I have been an executive recruiter (commonly referred to as a headhunter) for 30 years and I have helped 1000s of companies find top talent to fill positions at every level within their company.

I have seen thousands of individuals who were unemployed or unhappy in their current job follow the terrible advice given by random people, only to end up underemployed or waste hundreds of hours sending out application after application to hear nothing back.

That is because most of the "career coaching" advice out there is focused on the wrong things. You do not have to spend dozens of hours polishing your resume or trying to be the first to apply when a new job is posted on LinkedIn.

Everyone else tries to do this, and each of those job listings gets hundreds of applicants which makes it nearly impossible to stand out.

That is why I created this course!

I have seen what works. I have seen what does not work. Because of this, I have coached countless individuals just like you to use high-level executive recruiting techniques to get the job you want, doing what you want, at a company you actually want to work for.  I can help you, too.

Use the Proven Techniques and Methodologies I Have
Developed Over 30 Years in Executive Search

I have helped more than 10,000 people get a meaningful and well-compensated job and have taught hundreds of recruiters how to do the same for their clients.

There is a proven process executive recruiters use to identify and place top talent. A process that is very different from what most job seekers follow.  It is a process that I know works because I have seen it be successful first-hand. It works if you are fresh out of college. It works if you have been at your job for a while and you want a change. It also works if you are looking for a new challenge or even a higher- level role at your current company.

A Clear Path to Standing Out &
Winning in the Competitive Job Market

During the crash of 2008 I volunteered to help out at my church.

The pastor asked us to think about how we could help our local community. I realized I knew how to help people find jobs, and that is what people needed most.

I put up a little blurb in the bulletin about a free meeting only expecting a couple people to show up...

But next Thursday at 7am the meeting room was packed.

There were more than 30 people from all different backgrounds: Out of work, underemployed, actively unemployed, recent grads, people in their late 50s or 60s looking for a job different from the typical 9 to 5...

But they all had one thing in common: they were frustrated and confused.

They thought they were doing everything right, but they were not getting any results. They polished their resumes, sent out dozens or even hundreds of applications... but never heard back from the companies they applied to.

So, I taught them the system my recruiting team and I used - and it worked!

At our next weekly meeting some people already had new jobs. At the next one even more did! And as the word spread, more and more people came to these meetings and saw success using my techniques and methodologies.

But don't just take my word for it. Take a look at what they had to say themselves!

“I landed my dream job at a great company!”

Frustration would describe my career search before I met Tom. I was doing everything wrong. I thought sending my resume into hundreds of online job postings would land me the job I wanted, but boy was I wrong. Once I started using the techniques Tom uses as an executive recruiter, I started making connections with influencers in the companies I wanted to work at. Implementing these processes, I learned about a great opportunity which was not even posted on a job board . . . and I landed my dream job at a great company. Thanks Tom, I would not have found this opportunity without utilizing your tools and techniques.

Jason, Houston TX

“I received several job offers and actually turned down opportunities!”

I could not understand why I never got called back for a second interview. I had a great work history, excellent GPA from a great university, but time and time again I was getting the “thanks but no thanks” call after an interview. Then I met Tom, he showed me how to use the techniques of an executive recruiter to proactively prepare, execute and follow-up during the job-hunting process. Using these tools, I received several job offers and actually turned down opportunities, until I received the offer for the job which was right for me.

Sarah, Boston MA

“I’d reached a plateau; it was time for a change.”

I had been with the same company for 15 years, gotten promoted, but had reached a plateau, it was time for a change. I updated my resume, posted it on the online job boards, but I was not having any success, I had NO idea what to do. Tom stopped me from being just another job seeker out there. He taught me how to develop MY career path, based on MY abilities, skills, and career desires. He showed me how to use the tools he uses, placing candidates in C-suite positions, to execute my career search. I did not realize how important it is to establish and be active in a professional network, most job opportunities are filled before they are ever posted online. Tom is an expert, he does this every day, his Headhunters Approach process works, it got me the position I wanted, and I continue to this day to use these techniques as I move along my career path.

Marcus, Chicago IL
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Who is Tom Johnston?

Tom Johnston is a leader in the executive recruiting industry at ZRG Partners and the founder of  MyHuntPath and SearchPath Global. For more than 30 years, Tom has strategically identified, recruited, and successfully placed top-notch candidates across every major industry sector and business function. He is consistently and globally recognized as the “headhunter’s headhunter”. One of Tom’s most strategic talents is vested in his uncanny ability to recognize, develop, and nurture a candidate’s strengths and abilities. Teaching individuals to harvest their unique potential is what he does best.

Tom is passionate about helping people at all walks of life, helping companies identify and recruit top talent, guiding high potential candidates to explore new career opportunities, mentoring high school and college students searching for possible career options. Actively fulfilling social responsibilities by empowering women in Afghanistan, veterans, and returning citizens using the exclusive “Headhunters Approach" career education program MyHuntPath.

Skills, Techniques, & Methodologies for Every Stage of Your Career

Whether you are just entering the workforce, you have been at the same job for a while and you want something new, or you are looking for a high-level executive position... this course will get you where you want to go.

It teaches you the fundamentals of proactive job hunting so you can stop relying on hope and take control of your career.

Inside this course you will learn how to:

  • Take the most important step when looking for a job. If you ignore this, you probably will not be happy in your next position.
  • Create a clear career plan and execute on it to get the job you want.
  • Bypass the suffocating silence of online job portals.
  • Get complete clarity on what you want, what you do not want, and exactly how you can get there.
  • Master the most important part of any recruitment process... and no, this is not about your resume.
  • Use the same strategies, methodologies, and techniques that the top 1% of executive recruiters use.
  • And much more... All inside of…
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What Will You Dedicate
a Third of Your Life To?

Will it be a place you are excited to go to every day? Or somewhere you hate?

Your job should not be something you dread going to. It should not be something you yearn to escape at the end of the day or something that you do just for the paycheck.

If you are like most people, you will spend at least a third of your life working. That is over 90,000 hours!

Would you rather spend those hours doing something meaningful? Something that aligns with your goals and interests? Where your contribution is noticed and appreciated?

If so, then this course is for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions


There are free options online that offer job search tools, why should I pay to get this information?

You are right there are public sites which say they offer job search tools, but they do NOT work. These sites do not have your best interest in mind. They are public sites, looking to gather your information and use it for their advantage.

I want to teach you the techniques I use every day to place executives into six figure positions.  These tools have helped thousands for individuals land the job they WANT and continue to move themselves forward on their career path.

I am really busy; I do not know if I have time for this?

You are busy, but are you busy doing something you really like for 8 to 10 hours a day?  This course is structured in short information-packed sessions. You get 32 videos which are no more than 4 to 8 minutes each, allowing you to watch them first thing in the morning, at lunch, during your workout, or as your day winds down.

I am a hands-on learner; I am not sure watching videos will help me.

Perfect! You will also receive career focused worksheets and resource material to guide you along your path. In addition, by signing up for the Interactive Career Coaching package, you will have the ability to communicate with one of our trained professionals regarding your personal needs/questions as well as access to additional training through our on-going webinar series.

Can I get individualized training sessions with a professional
executive recruiter?

Absolutely. There are several different options which will provide you with the opportunity to work directly with a professional executive recruiter through personalized coaching sessions.

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